Who is my client
Darul-Qalb is a Knoxville, TN - based organization that conducts medical missions to provide free procedures to indigent patients all around the world. Their mission is to eradicate rheumatic mitral stenosis through early detection and treatment. I worked closely with the director of Darul Qalb Dr. Ahmad Akhtar to fully understand their requirements and pain points with the current website.
My Role
As the sole UI/UX designer for this project, I was responsible for analyzing the current site and identifying problems, implementing findings into wireframes and prototyping, and bringing my designs to life by using the website builder Sitelio. 
The Goal
The goal of this project is to enhance and re-design Darul Qalb’s website by addressing the problems outlined by my client to produce a cleaner user-friendly site. This will create a more premium experience for all visitors to the site. An effective and functional website will appeal more to donors which will further help Darul Qalb's foundation to spread awareness, screen more children with ultrasound machines and organize more mission trips. More specific goals include:
   • A modern responsive website
   • Improved content discoverability
   • Clean look and feel 
   • An effective call to action (CTA)
   • New brand guidelines 
The Problem
After analyzing the current website, these problems were identified:
Final Design
Responsive by Design 
The design is fully responsive from the smallest to the largest screen sizes. One of the challenges that I faced was due to the limited customizations available to me via Sitelio, I worked with all the constraints and limitations to produce a fully functional and accessible design no matter what device you were using. 
The re-design was a success, the client was very happy with the new visual direction. All the requirements were met and initial goals were reached. ​​​​​​​

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