Easy Pack is a recipe app that addresses the stressful question “what shall I put in the lunch box tomorrow??” It provides a database of recipes that are easy to make to go in a lunch box. 

There are plenty of recipe apps in the market. This app specifically tackles the problem associated with making lunches, finding healthy easy meals quickly and all in one place. Simple and interactive that can be prepared together with children. It is an inclusive app that provides all you need to find and prepare healthy meals for your lunch box. 

The App is aimed at any age group with school children that need school lunches prepared. Parents, Grandparents, any person looking after children. Anyone who is interested in making healthy meals for their children and even for their brothers and sisters.

•   Login via email/social media or create a new account.
•   Create own profile.
•   Add favourite foods and ingredients.
•   Add intolerances/unfavourable food.
•   View a variety of product images, read ingredients of recipe, read method of recipe, view photos 
    and print recipes.
•   Add notes to the recipe.
•   Add ingredients to the shopping list.
 •  View a list of favourite recipes/ideas.

User Research
Conducting user research was the next step in the design process in the form of user interviews to uncover the needs of users. The research leaning spiral was used to help gather knowledge about my users and their needs. ​​​​​​​
The first step was to identify why we are conducting the research. I had to answer the following 6 questions.
I hypothesis that busy parents will be able to save money and time as they will be preparing the food themselves instead of buying from the store, they actually know what goes in a ‘snack bar’. Save time by planning ahead. Use the App to get new healthy ideas for school lunches and make the task less of a chore and reduce the daily challenges they face.
5 participants were recruited to answer 14 questions. The interviews were conducted in-person and when not possible via a phone interview. After synthesizing the research findings, this is where I got to process and reflect on the qualitative data received and relate it back to the initial hypothesis. ​​​​​​​
To identify who I am designing for User Personas were created.
Finding Inspiration
Mood Boards
Final Design
Thank you for checking out Easy Pack.

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